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60 Old Onondaga Rd E
Brantford, Ontario,
N3T 5L4
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REMBOS is located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on 16 acres of land.  We are a distribution and softwood lumber remanufacturing facility.  We purchase our wood from mills in Northern Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern provinces and remanufacture the lumber for a wide variety of applications.


Our Southwestern Ontario location is 100 km (60 miles) southwest of Toronto. REMBOS is strategically located near 3 major highways and we are close in proximity to the Canadian/US border crossings at Detroit and Buffalo.

We have direct on site access to the Canadian National Railway by way of an 8 railcar spur. We can ship orders to multiple destinations in North America whether by truck, van or rail. REMBOS will ship orders conveniently with your preferred delivery option.


REMBOS also provides additional lumber services including customer reload and storage. On site we have 450,000 square feet of covered storage. 


Custom-in transit milling is available to our customers: grading, bar coding, cut-to-size, grooving, notching, re-sawing, ripping and dressing to your specifications. Orders can be paper wrapped and special end coverings can also be provided for protecting loads for transport in inclement weather.



REMBOS Memberships and Associations


  • Association of Lumber Remanufacturer’s Ontario (ALRO)
  • Certified HT Facility and registered with the Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program
  • Member Ontario Lumber Manufacturer’s Agency (OLMA)
  • Associate Member and a Certified Facility with the Canadian Wood & Pallet & Container Association (CWPCA)
  • Associate Member Maritime Lumber Bureau
  • Associate – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

REMBOS strives to be a good corporate citizen financially supporting a number of local charities. REMBOS is especially proud to be an ongoing supporter for The Salvation Army and for The Ride for Dad.


REMBOS Inc. was established in 2003 by Glenn Boothe. Glenn has over 33 years in the forest products industry. He is a 1982 graduate of Forestry (BSc) at the University of Toronto. His undergraduate studies included forestry practices and management, engineering materials and wood science all of which have served him well in the lumber industry.

After graduation Glenn was employed by the Ministry of Natural Resources Northwestern Region Ontario. He did fire suppression, tree planting and soil surveying. In 1983 he was hired by MacMillan Bloedel at the Sudbury office in Northern Ontario on the sales desk.  

In 1984 he was transferred to the Kitchener Branch. Glenn was hired and went to work for Marks Lumber located Brantford in 1985 as a lumber trader. He remained with the company until it was sold to Tembec.

In 2003 Glenn saw an opportunity to start up a new a lumber remanufacturing business. He proceeded to put together the required partnership group, equipment, staff and location to accommodate a remanufacturing facility. REMBOS was in production by the fall of 2003.


REMBOS continued to grow and experienced increased business and by 2008 it was obvious that a new larger location was necessary to meet both production requirements and serve their customer base. The relocation was completed by the fall 2008. REMBOS continues to operate at its current location in Brantford.

Today REMBOS employs over 40 full time staff. The company’s operations occupy 16 acres of land with 450,000 square feet of covered storage and a reload area of 12 acres.




Having studied forestry, forest engineering, wood science and with his experience working in the field, Glenn is aware that a balance needs to be struck between being environmentally responsible and carrying out practices that support sustainable forest management. Forests need to be managed to remain healthy. They are important for wildlife habitats and recreational experiences for people.

REMBOS supports responsible forestry practices and all efforts to regenerate our forests. These actions will ensure the growth of our Canadian lumber industry and continue to provide people with jobs.

At REMBOS we purchase the lumber from the primary mills and remanufacture it to produce wood products for a broad range of applications.

All scrap pieces from the cutting process are ground and collected in our silo in the form of sawdust and shavings.

The sawdust and shavings are trucked to local farms to be used for animal bedding. This keeps waste to a bare minimum with no wood product going to a landfill site. Lumber wrap and metal banding are also recycled resulting in minimum waste.