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Why Should You Use Remanufactured Wood?

Wood is truly the choice as a building material- it provides a natural choice in balancing price, function, versatility and performance.

Environmental protection
REMBOS is acutely aware of the need to protect our environment. We believe that the decisions in the forestry industry must align with protecting our environment.

The benefits associated with the use of wood as a building material include renewability, responsible forest management practices and leaving a small carbon footprint all of which are important to ensure a strong market for wood products, providing jobs in our communities and providing high quality wood products for our customers.

At REMBOS we believe we must extend our daily practices to care for our environment. The waste wood from our remanufacturing process is ground into shavings and sawdust and trucked to local farms for animal bedding. REMBOS also recycles paper wrap and metal banding to minimize waste.

Wood is renewable/sustainable
Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. It is important that our forests are responsibly managed so that the forest ecosystem experiences long-term health and future environmental, economic and social benefits are also protected – both now and in the future. Responsible forest harvesting and replanting ensure that our forests are sustainable. Sustainable forestry management provides for the continuation of society’s need for wood products, the aesthetic value people attach to forests, the protection of wildlife habitat and environmental biodiversity. In addition, the needs of community – social, economic and recreational can be achieved.

Wood is energy efficient
Wood requires less energy than other building materials (such as steel and concrete) and produces lower water and air pollution resulting in a smaller carbon foot print. Over the course of its lifecycle from the harvesting of the tree in the forest through to manufacturing of wood products, transportation, use, maintenance and recycling-wood truly outperforms other building materials.

More and more architects and building designers are being encouraged to not only consider the functionality of their designs but to also provide equal consideration to cost effectiveness. Wood is the answer. Wood’s design flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of building types and applications providing both aesthetic and structural features. Wood can be used in many types of buildings from single family dwellings, multi-family housing, midrise buildings, schools, hospitals, hockey arenas and recreational centres. Wood is the preferred building material choice offering a cost-effective way to meet code requirements for safety and performance and is recognized for its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

Building with wood is fast and efficient. Wood can be utilized in all seasons and in almost any climate making it a reliable building material choice for contractors and building projects. Using wood for building systems costs less than other materials. Projects using wood can be completed easily and quickly whether used in framing a structure, in panelized products or in prefabricating components. Lower costs are also gained since wood contractors are generally available and wood workers having a range of skill levels can rapidly learn construction techniques.

In addition to cost–effectiveness, wood is light weight and workable, giving it the advantage of being able to be modified for specific applications or for unplanned problems. Wood is also the choice for additions and any retrofit projects.

Whether you are building or renovating, REMBOS remanufactured lumber is your answer. Whether your choice is based on quality or price or whether it’s based on what’s best for the environment REMBOS wood can meet your needs.